Bad decision results in a ban

in Crime

A drink-fuelled decision to move his car just 100 yards to a better parking spot has landed a pensioner with a driving ban.

John Cyril Campbelton, of Athol Place in Peel was spotted attempting to repark his Renault Megane car by the Royal pub.

But witnesses said he made numerous attempts, repeatedly mounting the pavement and narrowly missing railings outside a house.

After parking the car, at the fourth attempt, he lurched from the vehicle and stumbled into a man pushing a pram, before disappearing into his house.

Police arrested him and as they took him away, he told them: ’I may have moved it but I didn’t move it that far. I definitely moved it.’

James Robinson, for the prosecution, told the court the defendant’s breath reading was 66, which he described as ’just short of twice the legal limit’.

Campbelton admitted drink driving on January 22, on Atholl Street, Peel.

Dawn Jones, representing Campbelton, said he had earlier parked his car 100 yards away by the Spar shop.

’It was not in the best position but there were no other spots available.

’He then went to his sports club and the Whitehouse public house.

’Returning home, he saw a better space further down the road,’ she said.

Campbelton told the court: ’I don’t know what happened. I think I must be losing it, but I decided to park in that better space. It could easily have remained where it was but it was a spur-of-the-moment decision.’

Mrs Jones said by his own admission, the 74-year-old had ’never been a good parker’, which accounted in part for his erratic manoeuvring.

She added the defendant should be treated as a man of good character.

He was fined £800 with £125 costs and banned from driving for two years. He must take an extended driving test.