Patriot or Traitor? The audience will decide in Dhone play

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There will be a second chance to watch the theatrical performance of the trial of Illiam Dhone play next weekend.

’The Ghost of Illiam Dhone’, produced by TNT/ADG, is to be perfromed at the Gaiety Theatre over three nights, from Thursday 9 to saturday 11 February.

The dramatisation of the trial and death of the Manx historicalk figure was turned into a theatrical performance, and was performed in venues such as Castle Rushen.

It follows Dhone through his trial and execution, which still divides opinion.

The play gave the audience the chance to vote on whether they thought Dhone was guilty or not at the end of the play.

Tickets for the play are £22 for adults and £13 for children, and the play starts at 7.30pm.

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Guru · 197 days ago · Report

There's some irony in voting to decide if Christian was a traitor when, without his actions, the Island in its present form would not exist. Cromwell SLAUGHTERED those who stood up to him in Ireland, and without the negotiations of the rebels on the IOM, it's likely that the island would have suffered a similar fate. There'd be no indigenous people to vote, no retention of the ancient, independent laws and no cushy theatre to vote in.

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