Douglas library now has a lesbian and gay selection

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Douglas’s Henry Bloom Noble Library has introduced a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender collection.

Developed in collaboration with the Manx Rainbow Association, the collection consists of fiction and non-fiction titles for adults and young people by classic and contemporary authors including E.M Forster, Radclyffe Hall, David Levithan, Ali Smith, Colm Tobin, Jacqueline Wilson, Jeanette Winterson and Virginia Wolfe.

The Manx Rainbow Association’s Sam Hudson said: ’It’s been a pleasure working with the library’s Jan Macartney and Sophie Mills to develop the new LGBT collection. We’re very impressed by the breadth of the range which features some excellent books. The collection will be a valuable resource for the LGBT community.’

Borough librarian Jan Macartney said: ’February is LGBT History Month so we’ve been especially pleased to have had this opportunity to work with the Manx Rainbow Association when compiling our new LGBT collection. Expanding our offering with these titles complements the library’s role as a service Douglas Borough Council provides to the community in all its diversity.’

Regeneration and community committee chairman Stephen Pitts said: ’Respecting diversity and equality is embedded in the council’s code of conduct and, indeed, in its corporate plan. Introducing an LGBT collection will help to widen the library’s audience, promote greater understanding and celebrate the writing of some truly inspirational authors.’

The Henry Bloom Noble Library is at 8 Duke Street, Douglas. 696461. For more information visit

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ET · 197 days ago · Report

No tolerance Guru. Yet you demand it from others. And perhaps therein lies the fundamental problem with the whole issue.

Bechmond · 197 days ago · Report

Boy oh boy.... This is a lot of hot air....

50/50 · 197 days ago · Report

Agree, but if it was meant to be solely a 'donation of a few books' - then how this have made the newspaper - A press release would surely have been made - pointless then, right? Nothing about ones on preference, just another pointless argument.

Guru · 198 days ago · Report

You people are NUTS. I expected the usual mean-spirited loopy "christian" fundamentalism from Spook, but this is a donation of a few books, not the establishment of an LGBT-only library, or a LGBT-only section where heterosexual males are excluded and sold as slaves. Are you so insecure about your own sexuality that the donation of a few books by LGBT authors has you making accusations about inequality ? Denial much ?

50/50 · 198 days ago · Report

Totally agree. The Social Justice Warriors are taking over. It's similar with feminist's, they wanted equality with men, which I totally agree with, now we have modern feminists who are just simply man haters which do not represent the opinion of most women.

Manx born (formerl CV) · 198 days ago · Report

As an organisation who wish for their members to be treated as equals to others, why do they continually press to be treated differently to others?

ET · 198 days ago · Report

"’Respecting diversity and equality is embedded in the council’s code of conduct and, indeed, in its corporate plan". Absolute twaddle. Respecting diversity & equality go far beyond the realms of the IOM's Rainbow Association's never ending push to be noticed.

Post Truth Correctional Officier · 198 days ago · Report

@The real PTCO what on earth are you on about? I am the PTCO, The one and only.

Clock Weights · 198 days ago · Report

I hope they have saved some space for a 'Refugee Selection'!

50/50 · 198 days ago · Report

This sort of thing is embarrassing. All of it discriminates against other groups in the process. Are there books for those for others in minority groups? No .... because we are all expected to read the same books fiction or non-fiction regardless of the content. If I was a vegetarian, I wouldn't simply read books about people who ate vegetables. All I want is a book that I have picked up read the back and decided if I wanted to read it or not. Rant over.

Post Truth Correctional Officier · 198 days ago · Report

@The real PTCO, possibly as it would more than likely keep you out of the rest of the library.

Post Truth Correctional Officier · 198 days ago · Report


Natterjack · 198 days ago · Report

Ah yes I see now its a gay selection, I wonder what gay books actually look like? pink covers maybe? or are they just books whose covers look the same as all the others, but are attracted to other books which contain the same content, lol I'm obviously far to old and bigoted for all this.

Grumpy Old Man · 198 days ago · Report

It's a gay 'selection' not 'section'. Some of you should head to the library and borrow a dictionary.

Jacqueline McMahon · 198 days ago · Report

Why? do gay people read differently to straight people.

Natterjack · 198 days ago · Report

I Agree with Spook, giving them their own section is surely discriminatory? Think about it, this is a backwards step, a bit like the old South African regime with separate buses for blacks and whites, do they want equality or segregation?

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