Traffic calming planter damaged

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One of the controversial traffic calming planters on Strang Road, Union Mills, has been knocked over in a collision.

A roads policing unit spokesman said: ’Without wanting a debate about the pros and cons of them, officers are investigating one of the traffic calming planters being knocked over sometime between 7pm and 8pm on Sunday.’ Contact police on 631212.

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ET · 192 days ago · Report

Stick a plant pot in the middle of a busy 'A' road and somebody is going to hit it. Leave it there and somebody is going to hit it again. I think the key word here is 'inevitable'. Stick a speed bump towards each end and one in the middle. Traffic will slow down.

Treasury Tag · 193 days ago · Report

Whoever did this I commend you. The most ridiculous looking things that don't even calm the traffic down if it isn't busy. Its like a slalom track and great fun when not busy. When it is busy it does its job by not only calming the traffic, it brings it to a stand still with cars getting stuck. Especially when a bus or HGV is driven down there. Well done DOI yet again.

Bechmond · 193 days ago · Report

A high order of vehicular mayhem indeed!

PHIL T · 193 days ago · Report

What is really funny is that some of the comments left on the police Facebook page, some people are trying to claim that road as a 'local access road' and that 'unless you live on the road or at Ballanawin you shouldn't be driving on it'.... the government website shows that road as the A22! Unlucky, it's a main road, now suck it up, snowflakes!!!

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