You still need to license your dog

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The government has warned dog owners that they have to continue to license their pets.

Legislation to bring in compulsory micro-chipping is considered by the branches of Tynwald.

In the meantime, it is a legal requirement for dogs to be licensed and, when outside their premises, to wear a collar and identification disc bearing the owner’s name and address.

From April 1 dog owners will pay £20 a year for a licence. There is a reduced fee of £10 for dogs that are neutered, micro-chipped or owned by over-60s.

Working, rescue and registered assistance dogs do not need licences.

Dog licences are available at Isle of Man Post Office counters.

The Dogs (Amendment) Bill is before Tynwald for consideration.

It will introduce compulsory micro-chipping of dogs and abolish licensing.

A DEFA spokesman said: ’The requirement to license dogs continues.’

Dog licensing in Great Britain was abolished in 1987.

Before this dog licences were mandatory, but the requirement was widely ignored, with only about half of owners having one.

The final rate for a dog licence was 37p, reduced from 37½p when the halfpenny was withdrawn in 1984.

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