Now men should drink no more than six pints of beer a week

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Medics in the Isle of Man have cut the recommended maximum amount of alcohol men should drink.

Changes to advice in the UK - as well as in other European countries - on the safe level of alcohol adults can consume in a week is being adopted after a local review.

A key change in the advice sees the number of units that men can safely consume in a week reduced from 21 to 14, bringing it in line with the recommended level for women, which remains unchanged.

Fourteen units of alcohol is the equivalent of six pints of beer (4 per ceent strength), six glasses of wine (13 per cent strength, 175 ml), or 14 single shots of spirits (40 per cent strength).

The Isle of Man’s Know Your Limits alcohol awareness campaign, run by the public health directorate, has been updated to include this and other changes in advice, notably:

A recommendation not to ’save up’ 14 units for one or two days - but instead to spread them over three or more days and have at least two alcohol-free days each week

There is no ’safe’ level of alcohol to drink during pregnancy

Guidance on managing single episodes of drinking.

Minister for Health and Social Care Kate Beecroft MHK said: ’Lifestyle choices - such as the amount of alcohol people drink - play a critical role to health and wellbeing.

’Ensuring the public can make informed choices is an important part of the Department’s five year strategy which has, as one of its five goals, encouraging people to take greater responsibility for their own health.

’By adopting the advice from the UK and updating our Know Your Limits campaign, the Department aims to give people the tools and knowledge to manage their alcohol intake appropriately and minimise any impact to their health.’

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Gav · 187 days ago · Report

That's OK I only drink 6 pints a night anyway, I don't go over this limit, I keep falling off my bicyle if I have more.Ok, time for the pub.

Manx Pleb · 195 days ago · Report

Courtesy of Heron and Brearley, I can't AFFORD to drink more than six pints a week....

DocMills · 196 days ago · Report

What nonsense! The UK recommendations were widely condemned by scientists when they were published both for being biased (the recommendations were constructed by temperance campaigners) and for being misleading (alcohol is good for preventing heart attacks). The UK barks, we wag - sigh!

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