Why is the health service in the red? Committee wants your views

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The island’s financial watchdogs want to hear from people who have views about why the island’s health service is overspendng so much.

Public Accounts Committee of Tynwald is investigating.

Anyone with experience of, or views relating to, the effectiveness and efficiency of the services provided by Noble’s Hospital is being invited to write to the committee who ’wish to encourage a broad range of individuals and organisations to submit evidence’.

Submissions will only be published if express permission is given and so contact details must be included.

The chairman of the committee, Juan Watterson SHK, said: ’We are all aware of government’s difficulties in balancing the books, so this £11.1m overspend will be of great concern to the public.

’The PAC hope that this inquiry will ensure that no stone is left unturned in the quest to ensure our NHS is efficient and effective as it can be. The general public and staff have a clear interest in this. We’d welcome a wide range of strategic ideas and submissions.

’We also hope that the inquiry will serve to enhance the understanding of the public on the cost pressures of the Department of Health and Social Care.’

He added: ’We won’t be investigating medical complaints as that falls outside our remit.’

Submissions should be sent to the clerk of the committee by Friday, February 17.

To make a submission or for further information contact:

Committee Secretariat, Legislative Buildings, Finch Road, Douglas.

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Henry · 46 days ago · Report

Encourage over the counter medications for pain relief in particular. Stop sending out reminders for appointments, sometimes twice! Charging for missed appointments drs hospital physio etc. Less managers, agency nurses, locums.

DocMills · 47 days ago · Report

Here's one - because over-65s get free prescriptions regardless of income.

Spook · 47 days ago · Report

My guess is that the reported state of the NHS, the perceived state of the NHS, and the actual state of the NHS are very different. Probably the best of the three will be pushed out and the worst quietly put to one side. The minister probably doesn't understand this but where is the civil service in resolving all of this. At a senior level they are required to know.

ET · 47 days ago · Report

Why on earth is the elected government asking the population it serves such a question? Does democracy kick in when those paid to deal with National issues don't know how to, or more likely, are politically afraid to? We must reduce the size & scope of our own NHS and contract out via insurance. There is no other solution in the longer term.

Conch · 47 days ago · Report

They don't make proper use of the funds given to them more likely

Spook · 47 days ago · Report

Principally because it is underfunded.

Conch · 47 days ago · Report

they need to get rid of some of the layers of management and make the organisational structure flatter and less dictatorial, oh and then stop employing expensive Locums that have been employed there years.

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