Manx Independent reports on problems that the new £1 coin will bring

in Local People

This week’s Manx Independent reports the problems on vending company and Douglas Council are expecting after the change in design of the UK £1 coin and the Manx authorities’ decision to keep the round pound.

The story is one page 1.

We have also investigated links between the collapsed Euromanx airline and a bank fraud.

Adrian Darbyshire’s story is on page 3.

Also this week:

When the mobile phone network is upgraded to 5G we’ll need far more aerials.

A man who stole a car and went to board the ferry appears in court.

The old Cresent nightclub (or Paramount City) is up for sale.

We report on a man who tried to take drugs into the prison.

The island has no target for renewable energy usage.

We tell the fascinating story of a Manxman who married in Cambodia in a traditional wedding.

Our Island Life 20-page leisure and entertainment section.

A look forward to the weekend sport.

Your letters.

A page of nostalgic pictures.

Your seven-day television guide.

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DOE · 136 days ago · Report

Nothing to do with the fact the IoM Gov have just changed from using Pobjoy Mint after several decades to Tower Mint I take. Just an unfortunate coincidence I’m sure.

Omobono · 136 days ago · Report

So we all have to suffer and bear the cost of nit introducing the new pound coins because of some vending company , These new 1£ are here to stay so we might as well bite the bullet and make ours the same shape , By acting now businesses that are converting cash and parking machines should be able to take advantage of the huge change this is bringing in the UK And a lower cost of conversion

Lyz · 136 days ago · Report

no it's the island inventing the wheel again - just because it can... apparently... like an adolescent child getting their own way again. I mean when do they ever do anything properly. heard on news today that they will change over just that they never got the specifications fr the design of the new pound, so the uk don't think we are important enough . wonder why

Spook · 136 days ago · Report

Oops! Sorry about that Coeus! I really should have known better but to be fair it's not the sort of stupid mistake anyone could just make, it must have been thought through. Mustn't it?

Spook · 136 days ago · Report

Meanwhile the huge number of counterfeit UK pound coins will be coming over here where they will be used in coin mechanisms and passed unnoticed across shop counters. Does the government not stop to even think why the UK government are making the change to coinage? Or maybe its in the hope that the counterfeit coins will add to the money in circulation and be an apparent increase in currency reserves. No matter whst it's a very silly decision on our part.

Lyz · 136 days ago · Report

yes and while theyre at it, bank roll the half a million pound loss making Meat Plant to the tune of .... ? from taxpayers money

Lyz · 137 days ago · Report

Unfortunately, the IOM being contrary again and deciding not to adopt the new coin. It seems they make decisions without any thought behind them, JUST to make the point that we are different but not in the best interests of the Island. What will happen when the UK fade out the original easily forged round pound and all the visitors coming here try to use the car parks, the vending machines, etc? Nobody has thought this out again.

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