Isle of Man property sales: February 9, 2017

By The iomtoday newsdesk in Property

Ballawattleworth Developments Limited, whose registered office is situated at Dandara Group Head Office, Isle of Man Business Park, Cooil Road, Braddan, bought five plots of land at Ballawattleworth, Peel, for £1,536,666.

It was bought from Dunbrody Limited, whose registered office is situated at The Red House, One The Parade, Castletown.

Other transactions lodged at the General Registry in Douglas are as follows:-

James Bernard MacDonald, of Perthshire, sold Burnside, Pound Road, Santon, for £750,000, to Mark Kiernan, of 6 Manor Drive, Farmhill.

Anthony Kellett sold 9 Bradda View, Ballakillowey, Colby for £440,000 to Warren Graham Rainey and Emma Jane Rainey, both of 25 Erin Way, Port Erin.

James Newell sold 23 Banks Howe, Onchan, for £420,000, to Frank Malcolm Bredemear and Sheila Isabelle Kelly, of 6 Bradda Glen Close, Port Erin.

Johnathan Martin Shasha, of Ashfield House, Glencrutchery Road, Douglas, and Leonard Chatel and Suzanne Chatel, both of of Hollybank, Victoria Road, Douglas, sold a parcel of land, Spring Gardens, Douglas, for £350,000, to Majestic Self Catering Holiday Apartments Limited, whose registered office is situated at Lower Ballabeg, Baldrine.

Adrian Carlos Duggan and Patricia Marian Duggan sold 34 Westminster Drive, Douglas, for £333,000, to Phyllis Mary Cain, of The Nook, Colden Road, Douglas.

Bertram Roy Cleator and Janet Vivienne Cleator, both of Ballamenagh Beg, Sandygate, Jurby, sold Berrig View, Jurby, for £290,000, to Paul Laurence Kibbey and Carolyn Anne Kibbey, both of Hampshire.

John Michael O’Keeffe and Elizabeth Mary O’Keeffe sold 3 Glebe Aalin, Ballaugh, for £285,000, to Andrew Stephen Kneale and Rebecca Anne Kneale, both of 6 Glebe Aalin Close, Ballaugh.

Lillian Jean Little sold 9 Pairk Beg, Port Erin, for £260,000, to Steven Huxley and Rachael Ellan Huxley, both of Nether Vista, Fistard, Port St Mary.

Derek Daley and Carol Ann Daley sold 22 Kerrocruin, Kirk Michael, for £240,000, to Joseph Philip Edge and Wendy Edge, both of Derbyshire.

Lynn Marie Quilliam, of 9 Heywood Close, Onchan, sold a parcel of land abutting Heywood Close, Heywood Park, Onchan, for £238,500, to Jason John Barber.

John Davidson Qualtrough, by administrators, and Philip Bradshaw Games, as administrator, and Alexander David Spencer, as administrator, both of Ridgeway House, Ridgeway Street, Douglas, sold 2 and 3 Castle Quay, Castletown, for £160,000, to David Corkill, care of Corlett Bolton, Beach House, Bay View Road, Port St Mary.

Roger John Carter, of ‘Shearwater’, Fort Island Road, Derbyhaven, Castletown, sold two parcels of land known as Glentramman Tops, for £140,000, to Darren Cunningham, of Erinville, Douglas Road, Kirk Michael.

Simon James Wattleworth Marshall, of Lleany Vore, Ballaquane Road, Peel, sold a parcel of land, part of the Ballawattleworth Estate, Peel, for £75,000, to CCSE Leisure Limited, whose registered office is situated at Lleany Vore, Ballaquane Road, Peel.

Alfred Collin Wattleworth, of 2 Fuschia Road, Reayrt-ny-Keylley, Peel, sold 29/29a Albany Road, Peel, for £75,000, to Hunterson Limited, whose registered office is situated at Lheany Vore, Ballaquane Road, Peel.

Howard John Mayo, of 129 Royal Avenue, Onchan, sold a garage abutting a lane in the rear of Woodbourne Road, Douglas, for £9,000, to Matthew Edward Collister and Julieanne Collister, both of 2 Thorny Road, Douglas.

Michael Rowland Stewart, both of Southolme, St Mary’s Road, Port Erin and Jennifer Alison Stewart, sold two plots of land abutting St Mary’s Road, Port Erin, for £5,000, to Selective Properties Limited, whose registered office is situated at Dandara Group Head Office, Isle of Man Business Park, Cooil Road, Braddan.


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