Number out of work in the Isle of Man is up from December but down from 12 months ago

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The number of people registered as unemployed in the Isle of Man has dropped by 272 in a year.

January’s figure, released by the government today, stands at 601.

But during the first month of 2017 188 people signed on to the register and 166 signed off.

So there were 22 more people out of work from a month ago.

Nevertheless, the unemployment rate remains the envy of most of the world. It stands at 1.3 per cent of the economically active population.

To put that in context in the UK it’s 4.8 per cent. In France it’s 10 per cent; USA 4.7 per cent; Germany 3.9 per cent; Greece 23 per cent.

During January 859 jobs vacancies were notified to the island’s Job Centre. At the end of the month 554 remained.

Of those 80 per cent were for full-time jobs.

There’s a mismatch in skills among the unemployed and the vacanies.

The building trade remains in the doldrums. There are 61 people with a background in construction looking for a job.

But there are 55 vacancies in the e-gaming industry and there are 99 vacancies in health and medical services.

The statistics include people who are not getting jobseeker’s allowance but who are still registered.

They number 27.

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Conch · 72 days ago · Report

I agree @ET. Sports Direct do like out tax set-up, that's why they're coming clearly 3/4 years on this island the retail sector is defunct, jobs are all part-time, if you aint working in Compliance or Trust Company you earn nothing. No jobs worthy of building a career on. Higher benefits in work bill due to zero hours and part-time seasonal work pay little tax when their job ends or their wages fluctuate. No min wage or living wage or basic employment rights.

Manx born (formerl CV) · 73 days ago · Report

Stop spouting rubbish and there is no need for others to respond. Simple as that.

ET · 74 days ago · Report

Unbelievable, give it a rest before you make yourself ill. There'll be plenty more subscribers you can pounce on over much less complex subjects requiring less assumptive hysteria. I have to presume you get some sort of buzz out of doing this. So, enjoy.

Manx born (formerl CV) · 74 days ago · Report

Economics is a science of theory and explanation, not of fact. Evidence of it's unreliability abound during the pre Brexit debate.Builders will only build if they know with some certainly that the properties will sell and retailers will expand only if they will sell their products. As far as visitor numbers are concerned, it was you who referred to them (although now you claim them to be pointless) as proof of your claim of a struggling economy.

ET · 74 days ago · Report

Economics is a science. Not an assumptive array of media stats and/or one liners via Tynwald. There is no economic theory without economic history for comparison and your argument has not one iota of acceptable economic fact to underwrite it. Builders build, it's what they do. Retail investments via the channel isles supports the merit of their economy. Sports Direct likes our tax setup.Visitor numbers and unemployment figures in short term isolation are, not unlike this exchange, pointless.

Manx born (formerl CV) · 75 days ago · Report

Actually ET I think the article shows good news for the island. As for the rest of your post, are you saying that others should be able to post what they like without it being questioned? I apologise if my disagreeing with your unsupported remarks drives you into a trough of frustration as that is never my intention.

ET · 75 days ago · Report

What an accomplished knack you have of distorting the words of others into a trough of spite and frustration. What on earth drives you? Why not have a crack at the actual published article as against the opinions of others. You might actually enjoy it.

Manx born (formerl CV) · 75 days ago · Report

I haven't heard any comment from the Chief minister which would support your negative stance ET. I have to admit your idea of the government and the media conspiring to publish false good news is different

ET · 76 days ago · Report

Commercial logic as against a monthly piece of political public relations necessity accompanied with media advertorial. So, the need, as expressed by the island's own Chamber, and endorsed by the island's Chief Minister, is badly out of kilter with CV's feel-good factor? Why?

Manx born (formerl CV) · 76 days ago · Report

I am suggesting nothing ET. Just responding to your post which says much but is backed up with nothing.

ET · 76 days ago · Report

CV. Are you seriously suggesting that a few recent cherry picked (incl.this week) news items form the basis for negating 3/4 years worth of diminishing activity within the local economy? It's a worthy positive attitude but doesn't reflect the current local economic activity. It may help to reverse trends but at the moment it's way short of solving serious issues. If it wasn't why do we need another 30,000 heads?

Manx born (formerl CV) · 76 days ago · Report

And the off island businesses opening offices here? The drop in vacancies in the finance sector is surely a good way indicator that the island is moving away from over reliance if that industry. Visitor figures last year were 4% up. The recent planning by application for new houses is hardly proof of a slow sector.

Manx born (formerl CV) · 76 days ago · Report

And the off island businesses opening offices here? The drop in vacancies in the finance sector is surely a good way indicator that the island is moving away from over reliance if that industry. Visitor figures last year were 4% up. The recent planning by application for new houses is hardly proof of a slow sector.

ET · 76 days ago · Report

CV. The national economy is in deficit. The retailing sector has major issues contrary to large corporate investment. Inflation is static and wage increases minimum to non-existent whilst the housing market is very slow. Visitor figures remain poor and the DoED recently parted company with its CEO. Financial services redundancy figures over the last 2 years have been severe, energy prices remain way above the UK norm, and outside investment into our infrastructure remains at zero.

Manx born (formerl CV) · 76 days ago · Report

And see what to prove your point spook?

Spook · 76 days ago · Report

Look through any window

Manx born (formerl CV) · 76 days ago · Report

Where is the evidence that the economy is struggling so badly?

ET · 76 days ago · Report

It beggars the question as to why the local economy is struggling so badly with world-beating employment statistics reflecting precisely the opposite..

Conch · 76 days ago · Report

Absolutely. have you seen the job vacancies. Hundreds of accountancy and finance jobs, another trust co just opened up Mutual Wealth all the same type of job - Compliance, Trust Co, they can't fill them the island is full of them.

RichEader · 76 days ago · Report

A bloated finance sector? Maybe in a previous lifetime. Those days are well and truly gone ---- and the economy shows for it.

Conch · 76 days ago · Report

With an unemployment. rate that remains the envy of the world? When you look more closely at this boast you see the island is heavily reliant on a bloated finance sector making money from offshore accounts.. Jobs for corporate types only. Don't see anyone in the UK envying the IOM suits .The island is heavily saturated with finance jobs Trust Company Administrators and Compliance Administrators. But the men in grey suits keep telling us this is to our advantage?

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