Beach Buddies to concentrate on sensitive areas of coastline

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With the bird nesting season fast approaching, Beach Buddies will concentrate its efforts in the next few weeks on the two most sensitive areas of coastline used annually by thousands of seabirds.

Up until the official start of the season, April 1, when access is restricted to some parts of the coastline - chiefly the northwest and the Langness areas - Beach Buddies volunteers will be asked to assist in clearing away the winter’s marine litter to make it as safe as possible for the seabirds.

Small items such as fishing line, polystyrene and pieces of plastic can be deadly to small birds as breeding pairs lay eggs, often using such items to line their nests.

Beach Buddies intends to remove as many of these items as possible over the next few weeks and will start on Sunday at 10.30am, meeting at the car park at Smeale.

Over the coming six weeks volunteers will cover all of the coastline between Blue Point and the Point of Ayre and also the coastline at Langness and Derbyhaven.

All equipment is provided and new volunteers are always welcome, especially families.

Beach Buddies has welcomed a good number of new volunteers since the start of the year, and is now very close to breaking through the landmark of 7,000 individual volunteers since 2013.

â?¢ A beach party to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the creation of Beach Buddies will be held in warmer weather during the summer.

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