Fracas at bar ends in chase along seafront

By By Court Reporter twitter:@iomnewspapers in Crime

A disagreement outside a Douglas bar saw two men being pursued down the road by bouncers and police and ended up in a scuffle in a back alley.

Police were flagged down by bouncers outside Jak’s bar on the seafront during a row with two men who had been refused entry.

Both men were drunk and one was yelling abuse and trying to get into the bar.

James Robinson, for the prosecution, said at this point the main antagonist was Radoslaw Piotr Nelke, of Prince’s Road in Douglas.

He said Nelke screamed f*** off at the police then laughed and refused to give any details. Meanwhile, the defendant, 24-year- old Roman Pszezolkowski was simply incomprehensible, he said.

Nelke told police he was a ’professional bouncer’, and as such, should be allowed into the bar.

Not persuaded by the logic of this argument, they refused.

Matters then descended into farce, with Nelke telling police he would give them a false name, and Pszezolkowski laughing, and interjecting and refusing to listen to what police said to him, at one point leaning across and squeezing one of their arms.

The defendant then walked off back down towards Jak’s. As police again escorted him away he suggested they ’go and f*** themselves’.

He was arrested, but broke free and suddenly sprinted away towards Granville Street, dodging down a back alley behind Jak’s.

Finding the alley blocked he then turned back and ’squared up’ to police, Mr Robinson said.

Despite being pepper sprayed, he still tried to break free and run off.

At this point Nelke arrived on the scene shouting at police and pursued by bouncers. They managed to restrain him against some nearby scaffolding.

Mr Robinson said Pszezolkowski was then ’put to the ground’ arrested and handcuffed. Police reinforcements were called and both men were bundled into the police van and

taken away.

The defendant, who lives at Loch Promenade, in Douglas, admitted being drunk and disorderly and resisting the police on October 30.

His advocate, Stephen Wood, said his client’s admission was made on the grounds that he was drunk, having consumed one and a half whiskies at home before going out. He only wanted to go into Jak’s to buy cigarettes and had not understood what was being said to him. He denied using some of the bad language or squaring up to the police, saying he had simply turned around.

’When he was sprayed, he fell to the ground, blinded, and was sat on by the police.’

’He engages well with probation and they use Google translate to help understand each other,’ he said.

The court heard Pszezolkowski was out of prison on licence following a 14-month sentence for grievous bodily harm.

Magistrates’ chairman Pat Costain sentenced him to 80 hours’ community service.

’When you were released it would have been made perfectly clear to you what could happen if you committed further offences, yet just one month later you did this,’ she said.

He must pay costs of £125 and an existing ban on entering licensed premises still has six months to run.

Nelke is to be sentenced separately for being drunk and disorderly and obstructing the police.