Show your love for your Valentine in Manx

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Make your romance more Manx this Valentine’s Day with a series of newly-created images available free online.

Culture Vannin has released a series of light-hearted images to help you express your feelings using some basic romantic Manx.

Manx language development officer Adrian Cain said: ’Speaking Manx is fun.

’Even just a word or a phrase can remind us that we live somewhere special.

’Any day is a good day to start learning some Manx, so why not Valentine’s Day?’

Created with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in mind, the images range from the Buggane demanding ’Cur paag dou nish!’ (Kiss me now!) to a posturing actor in a 1900s Manx play marked with ’T’eh stoamey’ (He’s gorgeous).

Online and educational resources officer James Franklin said: ’For many of us, what we share on social media is a central part of who we are.

’We want to enable people to express themselves in a way uniquely Manx in all areas of their lives, including online."

Download or share the images for free from Culture Vannin’s website or Facebook sites:

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