Isle of Man Bank issues advice to customers following text scam

By by Jackie Turley Twitter:@iomJackie in Community News

Isle of Man Bank has warned its customers of a text scam targeting residents.

Customers received an email last week which said: ’Text messages are being received purporting to be from the bank, requesting that you call back on a specified number or click on a link.

’These text messages can show in the same thread as genuine messages from us (for example our text alerts) making it appear to be genuine.

’If you receive a text message from us please do not call the number or click on any links detailed within the text message.

’Always call us using a published telephone number located in the telephone book, on our website, or a number you regularly use to contact us.’

A media alert was also issued by the bank at the end of January.

Among the advice issued, was that you can’t rely on the caller ID on your mobile phone to evidence who is calling you.

The Isle of Man Examiner contacted the bank to ask how many customers had been affected, what action it has taken and what assurances it could offer about the safety if customers’ personal details.

Isle of Man Bank is a subsidiary of NatWest.

A spokesman told the Examiner: ’NatWest is unable to provide any further information on the personal details of its customers transactions, however, we’re working closely with any affected customers on an individual basis.

’We urge customers who think they’ve been subject to these fraudulent text messages to get in touch with us via the numbers published on our website or by popping into a branch.

’NatWest customers are not the sole target of this scam so please get in touch with your bank if you think you may have received one of these messages.’

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· 185 days ago · Report

Oh the irony. And this is the same bank that asked my brother for part of his password! Something that, if their security was even remotely decent, should be some mathematically impossible for them to validate (

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