Historic archive may be disposed of by library

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Lack of storage space may force Douglas library to dispose of an archive of historic Manx newspapers.

The papers, dating from the 1860s to 2000s are rarely viewed, with the library receiving only a small number of requests to see them annually.

A review by the library suggested they be sold at auction or otherwise disposed of, but a final decision is still pending.

At a meeting of Douglas Council, it was suggested lack of knowledge was behind the papers’ infrequent use.

Councillor Ritchie McNicholl said: ’I think they may well be borrowed more often if people knew they were there. I didn’t know until I called in to view them. They were very interesting.’

Councillor Catherine Turner said she would like to see them retained but failing that they could be sold off or offered to schools. It was also suggested regional papers - such as the Ramsey Courier and Peel City Guardian - could be offered to the appropriate local authority.

Regeneration and community committee chairman Councillor Stephen Pitts said the papers were bound up in about 200 binders available on request.

’I’m disappointed Councillor McNicholl didn’t know about them. Any library member can look at them. I wonder if Councillor McNicholl really is a member of the library sometimes,’ he said.

A decision on the papers’ future is to be made by April.

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