Boots duo fiddled till to steal goods worth £2,000

By Adrian Darbyshire in Crime

Two Douglas women have admitted stealing over £2,000 worth of goods from Boots chemist in Strand Street.

Abigail Jayne Paterson, of Albany Road, who was working there at the time, and Rebecca Marran, of Woodbourne Road, pleaded guilty to a joint theft charge and will be sentenced in court on May 16.

Paterson, who is 21, admitted selling goods to her friend, 23-year-old Marran, and charging her amounts much lower than the correct price.

Prosecutor James Robinson told the court how, on March 30, security staff at Boots called police to the shop after reporting suspicious activity by a member of staff.

Police were told that Marran had entered the store and made two separate purchases with Paterson serving her.

She bought a micro-dermabrasion brush said to be worth £225 however the cash till only showed a transaction of £1 for shower gel.

The brush was also still showing as ’in stock’ on the company computer system despite being missing from a display.

Other goods stolen included a baby monitor, an electric toothbrush and make-up.

While police were there, Marran was said to have come into the shop carrying some of the stolen goods. Paterson was said to be outside in a parked car. Both women were arrested and taken to police headquarters.

Paterson was interviewed and admitted planning the thefts saying she had pretended to scan items. She was eight and a half months pregnant at the time and said she had asked Marran to get her a baby monitor because it was her last day before going on maternity leave.

Marran also admitted her part to police saying she had only paid £1 for each item. She said she felt awful and had been coming into the shop to return the goods.

She was said to be carrying 17 items worth £717.49 but a further 39 items were also found at an address shared by the pair.

The total theft was said to have amounted to £2,046.74.

Deputy High Bailiff Jayne Hughes asked the prosecutor if it was possible to confirm that Marran was returning to the shop to return the goods but Mr Robinson said: ’I can’t say.’

Mr Robinson went on to say that police were still establishing what compensation would need to be paid as some of the make-up had been used so it would not be possible to sell it now.

Defending Marran in court, advocate Paul Rodgers said: ’She was returning because of her conscience. Boots had contacted Ms Paterson about the theft. Ms Marran picked up what items she could, that’s why some items were left behind.’

Both were granted bail in the sum of £500 with a condition not to enter Boots.