Escort agency based in the Isle of Man charges £100 for 30 minutes of 'companionship'

By Adrian Darbyshire in Business

Things are going with a swing during the TT with the launch of an island-based escort agency.

The website offers a choice of four women and charges £100 to spend 30 minutes in their company, or £130 for 45 minutes.

It promises its Isle of Man escorts will ’do everything to make your time with them an enjoyable one’.

But it insists fees are for companionship only.

’Should anything else occur, it is on the strict understanding that it will be a matter of choice between two consenting adults,’ it adds.

The portfolio of ’beautiful babes’ features a ’brunette party girl’, a ’curvy black girl full of surprises’, a ’fun and friendly but naughty Indian girl’ and a ’sexually confident 20-year-old blonde’. says escorts are available throughout the whole of the Isle of Man and lists four Manx mobile numbers to call.

Rates include travel costs and payment is accepted in cash only at the time of booking.

Clearly aimed at visitors to the island, the website asks: ’Are you visiting the Isle of Man? Are you lonely and looking for an escort to keep you company while you’re here?

’Whether you are in Douglas, Ramsey, Port Erin, Castletown or anywhere on the Isle of Man, then we have escorts that can travel to you for companionship. Please pay your companion at the commencement of the booking, you can then unwind, enjoy and relax in each other’s company.’

The website has a domain name registered to Victoria Caldwell, of Berry Woods Avenue, Douglas.

On Facebook, Mrs Caldwell confirmed her Caldwell Design and Marketing company had designed the website.

She posted: ’Got to love the Manx grapevine! Yes, I recently designed a website for an escort agency along with some business cards. I also did an escort agency website, logo and business cards for Sweet Sugar Lips a couple of years ago too but that’s not being gossiped about online because it’s not based on the Isle of Man!’

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H Watterson · 74 days ago · Report

Chances are they'll be more like Purple Helmet's Monster Bird, and less classy. Surely companionship's minimum wage, so shouldn't that be about £3.50. Degrading, with consequences. RUN from her.

ET · 75 days ago · Report

£200 quid an hour. Must be joking. You could get a solicitor for that. Well, not exactly for that but you know what I mean. What an horrendous thought. No disrespect intended but I'm sinking deeper every word I type here.

DW · 75 days ago · Report

Late news again.....was on 3FM at least 2 days ago

Gav · 75 days ago · Report

No complaints.

Manx born (formerl CV) · 75 days ago · Report

In that case Ron, (which i think it is not) would the company not pay tax? A lot of posts Conch from someone who says 'who cares' Good luck to the girls who at £100 a go (pun intended) they will need it.

Ron · 75 days ago · Report

Sorry Fell I forgot. Self employed workers don't have to pay income tax because they can claim they are a company and take no income.

Thomas Jefferson · 75 days ago · Report

I hope the young ladies who are involved in this will reconsider. You ARE better than this. You can DO better than this. There are other ways for you to make a good income. Look into courses at the college or contact the Careers Office (at the job centre) who may be able to help you find a career or a course which would lead to the career you want. It's never too late to start or change a career. Do not allow yourself to be used. Be your own person; take control of your own life. Best wishes

Conch · 75 days ago · Report

All that glitters aint Gold. lock up your daughters, this type of profession sucks them in and spits them back out...............

Fell · 75 days ago · Report

Ron 0% corporate tax?

Conch · 75 days ago · Report

do they do free std checks? @Ron, their website states rather ominously ’Should anything else occur, it is on the strict understanding that it will be a matter of choice between two consenting adults,’ it adds. So no they wont be paying tax on a quickie

Ron · 75 days ago · Report

I hope they are paying IOM Income Tax on their incomes.

Conch · 75 days ago · Report

They won't be Beautiful Babes for long, they'll be washed up, lots of people who do this sort of thing turn to drink and drugs in order to be able to do it, its hardly glamorous. Don't sell ur soul for money

Conch · 75 days ago · Report

the Oldest Profession in the world legalised ....... n

Conch · 75 days ago · Report

Who cares? this is free advertising for them

Fell · 75 days ago · Report

A whole new meaning to online e-gaming...

MK · 75 days ago · Report

Who are the sad blokes who feel the need to pay for this sort of company? Poor pathetic creatures (buyers and sellers!)

Manx born (formerl CV) · 75 days ago · Report

They must be joking. Most bikers coming here couldn't afford £100 for a 30 minute 'chat'

Manx Pleb · 75 days ago · Report

Doubtless DED will be falling over themselves to encourage and develop this fledgling concern, I wonder if they'll be in receipt of any of the £50M development fund...and lined up to be future TT sponsors as well, no doubt.

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