Classic TT trademark registration extended to Europe

By by Paul Speller Twitter: @iomnewspapers in Isle of Man TT Races

Registration of the Classic TT trademark has been extended to cover Europe, along with earlier TT logos that were registered initially for the UK only.

Economic Development Minister Laurence Skelly was called on to answer more questions about TT branding in the House of Keys this week, although on a less contentious level than the previous sitting when his department’s zealous approach to enforcing TT copyright came under fire.

David Ashford (Douglas North) wanted to know why certain TT logos and the Classic TT were registered under a UK trademark but not also trademarked in Europe.

Mr Skelly explained: ’The TT logos referred to were registered in 2006 by the then Department of Tourism and Leisure.

’At that time, there would have been a stronger case to register trademarks in the UK than in Europe.

Subsequently, the increased commercial use of the TT brand allied to increased media coverage has promoted both the TT and the island to a greater and worldwide audience and market than ever before.

’Therefore, the more recent TT brands have had registration extended into Europe.’

Mr Skelly said the Classic TT was registered in 2013.

’At that time, there was strong evidence for use in the UK and little in Europe, and a decision was taken not to register the trademark more widely,’ he said.

’The department has recently taken a decision to register "Classic TT" and the earlier logo in 12 European classes after analysis of the potential growth in the event and usage of the brand.’

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