Dog DNA idea is put on hold

By by Paul Speller Twitter: @iomnewspapers in Politics

There will be no doggie DNA testing - yet.

The Dogs (Amendment) Bill, which will replace the current licensing scheme with one that sees a micro-chip inserted into dogs and linked to a database, returned to the House of Keys this week.

It was put on hold to allow the government time to consult local authorities on a proposal by Martyn Perkins (Garff) to bring in compulsory DNA testing of dogs, to make it easier to identify owners who did not clear up after pets when out walking.

Environment Minister Geoffrey Boot said the proposal would not be incorporated into the bill.

He said it was a ’mixed’ response from local authorities. Seven were against, five in favour and four agreed ’in principle’. Six did not reply.

Douglas Council called for evidence to show the effectiveness of such a scheme. It pointed out Gibraltar had brought in a similar initiative and suggested waiting to assess how that went before introducing it in the Isle of Man.

Mr Boot added: ’With this in mind, the Department (of Environment, Food and Agriculture) will reconsider the matter in 18 months, rather than introduce testing as part of the primary legislation.

’Then, having regard to the success or otherwise of similar initiatives, which are predominantly at an early stage in other jurisdictions, if it is seen that these schemes are resulting in resilience and a sustained level of reduced dog fouling and detection of dogs involved in other miscreant activity, we will endeavour to bring forward - within the underlying regulation - DNA testing.’

The bill passed its clauses stage on Tuesday.

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ET · 65 days ago · Report

Spooks right. It's all a complete waste, top to bottom although in warning it would be all so easy to put your foot in it and say the wrong thing.

Guru · 66 days ago · Report

Blimey, no show without Punch is there ? There'd be no need for any of Spook's imaginary bureaucracy, DNA registries are external standalone enterprises that provide all of the registration and testing services with minimal intervention required. Vets submit DNA samples to the registry, cheap testing kits go out to wardens, so samples can be gathered when dead dogs are dumped at the reservoir, or when dog eggs turn up on the school playground. Simples.

Billding · 66 days ago · Report

Another opportunity missed, catch a few dog owners with DNA identification and the disgusting lazy dog owners who don’t clear up would change their ways overnight. The area around where I live is disgusting and it’s always on the pavement!

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