Inmate serving 10 years punched prison officer

in Crime

A 33-year-old inmate at the Isle of Man Prison has pleaded guilty to an assault charge after punching a prison officer.

Donovan Bradley Kitching is currently serving a 10-year sentence after admitting causing the death by dangerous driving of Gwen Valentine on April 26 2014.

A magistrates’ court on Tuesday heard how, on March 10 Kitching was being moved to the segregation unit of the prison.

However, when he was told of the news he took off his t-shirt and was said to have adopted a ’non-compliant stance’.

Kitching had to be restrained by prison officers but broke free and threw a punch which hit the left side of one officer’s forehead causing a graze near his hairline.

He was restrained by other officers and later interviewed by police.

During the interview he gave a ’no comment’ response to all questions.

Defending Kitching in court, his advocate Deborah Myerscough said: ’The facts are agreed. Mr Kitching is serving a very long sentence. He is not due for release until 2024. Unless the magistrates are minded to deal with this by way of a financial penalty we would like to request a social enquiry report.

’He is currently seeing a probation officer on a regular basis and a social enquiry report would help the magistrates.’

Clerk to the justices, Stephen Tucker said: ’If he attempted to punch a prison officer it’s not going to be a financial penalty.’

The case was adjourned, pending the preparation of a probation report, until July 25 when Kitching will be sentenced.