Number on sex offenders' register revealed; Four UK sex offenders living here

By by Adrian Darbyshire Twitter:@iomAdrian in Crime

There are 51 people currently on the island’s sex offenders’ register - including four UK-registered sex offenders.

Details have been released in response to a Freedom of Information request to the Manx police.

The force revealed there are 51 sex offenders, all male, currently on register.

Of those, five live off-island. In addition, there are nine currently in prison serving custodial terms, who will be registered on their release.

There are also four UK registered sex offenders living in the island.

Police said many of those convicted and placed on the register have been found guilty of multiple offences.�

In terms of their main offence, five have been convicted of rape, four have been sentenced for sex with a person under 16, 19 with indecent assault, four with gross indecency and one with buggery.

A total of 18 of the offenders have been convicted of possessing indecent images.

In a statement, police said: ’The constabulary takes its responsibilities seriously for keeping people safe in respect of the management of sexual offenders. We work in partnership with other agencies to ensure that offences are prevented, detected and at risk behaviour is monitored. In order to achieve this the constabulary has an appointed officer to monitor and engage with those who are on the sex offenders’ register.’

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OldDD · 19 days ago · Report

I was under the impression you had to have no crimal convictions and a guaranteed employment to be allowed to move over and settle on The Island??

Peter · 31 days ago · Report

On the register yourself are you CV? That explains a lot.

anon · 33 days ago · Report

Some poor guy is on the sex offenders' register for buggery. Homosexuality was illegal over here until 1994. Just shows how backwards we are as a nation. Surely that should be repealed?

Manx born (formerl CV) · 47 days ago · Report

And your thoughts on the subject Gav? You accusing others of being insulting really is quite funny. Oh the hypocrisy of it all

Gav · 47 days ago · Report

CV shut up man. You are an annoying and offensive apologist for your Gov buddies and a deliberately offensive antoginist whose only title is Troll, and always is insulting and peasantish Go away.

Rosco · 47 days ago · Report

I don't like the idea of Sex offenders from the UK settling here and remaining anonymous . At least the UK has Sarah's Law.

Manx born (formerl CV) · 47 days ago · Report

What utter tosh. The reasons are the same as to why persons on the sexual offences register here can live ion the UK. And Peter you don't speak for most Manx people. You only speak for yourself.

Peter · 47 days ago · Report

Good question Rosco. I suppose it is because the IOM Government, contrary to what most Manx people want, are desperate for anyone and everyone to settle here. All they see is the tax dollar.

Rosco · 47 days ago · Report

Why are UK Sex Offender allowed to settle here??

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