Town hall evacuated after fire alarm set off

By Paul Speller Twitter: @iomnewspapers in East

Douglas town hall was evacuated this afternoon (Wednesday) after the fire alarm went off.

It meant a delay in proceedings to the monthly council meeting.

Reporter Paul Speller took this picture of members of town hall staff and Douglas councillors at the assembly point at Shaw’s Brow car park.

After a short wait, they were allowed to return to the building.

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Bluemonday · 11 days ago · Report

How terrible! Poor dears. Did they get sunburnt having to stand outside in the sunshine? Why weren't comfortable chairs provided as befits their civic status?

Greenblood · 12 days ago · Report

If there hadn't been a photograph I'd have thought this 'fake' news. Gripping stuff, I think something similar happened at the Palace Lido once, on New Year's Eve

Phil · 12 days ago · Report

I think it's the designated fire wardens costume Conch

Conch · 12 days ago · Report

Does the Mayor always walk around in that red ceremonial gown in the height of the Summer? or was that just for the fire alarm ? bit hot

Robocop · 12 days ago · Report

Why 18? One is enough.

Manx born (formerl CV) · 12 days ago · Report


The Truth · 12 days ago · Report

How many people does it take to talk about dog poo and emptying bins?

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