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I am a Manxman living ‘across’. I visit the island once or twice a year and decided recently to make my latest trip via Gloucester Airport with Manx2/Citywing.

My main reason for writing was the return trip but the outward leg was also quite interesting.

The terminal itself was tiny with automatic doors so big they wouldn’t look out of place at Heathrow. Consequently the place was freezing cold.

The check-in lady deserved a medal for turning up but really shouldn’t have been there.

Once on board the flight safety talk was a video produced by a bunch of quite young school kids – not come across that before.

Then came the in flight entertainment which was a film probably made about the time the plane was designed by the Wright brothers. It was a silent movie accompanied by an out of tune piano barely audible above the deafening noise of the engines.

You had to be there but believe me it did not instill confidence

The best bit about this flight was the landing when, despite the noise, I’ll swear I could hear every passsenger sigh with relief. I did think the three cheers and rendition of ‘for he’s a jolly good fellow’ was a little bit over the top.

One week later, back at Ronaldsway, I discovered that somehow I had managed to book my return flight for the same date in the following month.

Not to worry – a few buttons pressed and a couple of minutes later and I was booked on the next flight out – and that will be an additional £135 please, sir.

But the return leg is now costing me £215, it’s taken a couple of minutes to organise and Manx 2 now has a free seat to sell. How can this be justified?

Ponder this analogy – you take £80-worth of clothing back to M&S saying you got the sizes wrong and could you change them for the correct size.

The assistant says: ‘Yes I can but because of the paper work involving pressing a couple of these computor buttons I will have to charge you another £135 on top of what you have already paid.’

M&S would be out of business in weeks. I realise penalties are mentioned in the small print, but there are penalties and there is daylight robbery.

Is there an Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading?

Geoff Corlett,



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