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I wanted to bring to your attention an issue which has unfortunately affected me in the last couple of weeks and which, although it has received some press attention, I feel deserves more.

I recently visited Australia, during which time I used my Iphone to access the internet. In total I downloaded 9,191,808 bytes of data for which I have now received a bill for £164.90, not including VAT. I can send you an itemised copy of this bill if you require.

I am on a monthly contract with Manx Telecom and wrote them an email to say how shocked I was at the size of the bill. Their response was to say that it is my responsibility to check what charges are being made and that ‘it was unfortunate that you continued to use data without checking what charges were being incurred’.

I fully accept that it is my responsibility and that I was made aware via a warning text from Manx Telecom that I was using roaming data but the main issue I have is that all mobile phone companies within the EU were forced by legislation as of July 1, 2010, to automatically cut off data when roaming when charges to your account reached a limit of 50 Euro per month UNLESS you organise a separate limit with them beforehand.

Why wasn’t this procedure adopted in the Isle of Man?

A warning text which just advises you that you are using roaming data and that you may be incurring charges is hardly as good a safety net as a complete cut-off at 50 euros.

I understood that I was incurring charges but I really wasn’t aware of how extortionate they were until the bill arrived.

I know the Isle of Man is not part of the EU and therefore not legally obliged to adopt this legislation but surely, morally, they should have? Or is this another example of the Manx consumer being abused by one of our ‘monopolies’?

I was annoyed with myself for running up a large bill but I am now far more annoyed that the entire Manx community is being so poorly treated compared with anyone who lives in the EU!

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