A lack of sympathy

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I AM writing to you to comment on the front page article in the Independent, July 27. It was about a man who has been refused further employment on the buses and therefore been paid off at the age of 48. All this following his recent illness and treatment for cancer.

I really think that the bus company should have treated him better. I read their argument for not helping this man – perhaps it might have helped if they had not bought as many Mercedes single-deckers. I am sure they cost quite a bit.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago (and have therefore just passed a major hurdle in my recovery) and am pleased and grateful to be back working for the same firm. When you have gone through the treatment, it is so nice to return to ‘normal’ and not have the cancer rule your life, and returning to work is part of this – I am very lucky that my employer is sympathetic. I am astonished that the bus company is not.


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