Another scandalous waste of cash

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On the face of it, reading the letter by Chris Blyth on the island’s financial challenges published in the Examiner on August 23 alongside G.S. Jones’ letter headlined ‘Rolls-Royce car park’, it would seem the taxpayer is witnessing yet another scandalous waste of public money, this time by the Ramsey Commissioners.

What planet do all these people live on? How, if the facts outlined by Mr Blyth are correct, can this be justified at any time, let alone taking into account the painful and difficult times the island will experience over the next five to 10 years at least?

This would seem to be yet another example of the wasteful way some of the island’s resources have been spent over a number of years.

Still, it is not their money.

Perhaps if it was they would be a little more careful how they spent it.

One really despairs at the seemimgly lack of reality and sometimes common sense of many of those responsible for making decisions in the spending of public money.

One can only hope that some of those who will be elected to Tynwald will have a determination to put the finances of the Isle of Man in order.

If they do not much of whatever they promise in their manifestos will come to nothing.



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