Articles drive me to poetry

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I WAS interested in two articles in last week’s Examiner (December 6). One was a letter about the ever present problem of dog dirt. The other informed us of the opening of a new pet shop. In their own particular ways one had a bearing on the other which prompted me to pen the following lines:


There are too many cars, Too many cats – too many dogs

And too many people

Too many rules and not enough scruples

Too many teachers and not enough pupils

Too many pundits who know all the answers

They float on the wind like ballet corps dancers,

But do they know the answers or are they just guessing

Like reeds in the air floating by with our blessing?

It’s a funny old world but I’m glad that I’m in it

In spite of the cars, cats and dogs that live in it

I’ve come along way since I started this poem,

It’s time to pack up, turn the page and go home



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