Breast care service being undermined

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ONCE again I find myself putting pen to paper over my feelings regarding the standard of treatment provided on the island for patients suffering from breast cancer.

After listening to the debate on radio and after hearing the result, I could not believe what I was hearing when Manx Radio this morning broadcast the news headlining ‘Battle to keep breast specialist on island lost.’

I distinctly heard Mr Anderson during debate, plainly explaining the situation, and Mrs Cannell and her band choosing not to hear. How could Mrs Cannell make that statement after the debate when Miss Hamo is not a resident on the island? She is a visiting locum. She will be free to apply for the position when it is advertised if she wishes (as will others) as she has all the necessary qualifications.

Nothing is to change, so where is the downgrade? If one listened further to the facts given there is a plan on stream which will further enhance the breast care service in the near future.

I am not a politician nor a doctor but I am able to understand the facts given by Mr Anderson and his team.

I was a victim of breast cancer and had nothing but sympathy, and re-assurance all through my treatment (pre Miss Hamo).

How must the dedicated breastcare team at Noble’s Hospital feel after all their careful building of trust and care for their patients seems to have needlessly and wilfully undermined?

And how sexist and demeaning to women when Mrs Cannell, during summing up, insinuated the eventual result of all those hours of debate came down to the fact that she did not have a gruff voice, or wear trousers.


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