Burying better than curing?

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I HAVE learned with dismay and disgust, that the Tynwald voted against retaining the services of Miss Ishrak Hamo, a lady whose skill and dedication saved my wife’s life recently, as she was suffering from breast cancer.

It would appear, that here on the Isle of Man public opinion counts for very little.

The remedy is simple: to redress the situation at the ballot box, find those members who voted against the motion and vote accordingly.

It would appear that members who my family helped to go into the House of Keys at the last election voted against the motion. That will be rectified at the next election.

I know that we are going through a difficult time. It seems to me that members think that it is more cost-effective to bury patients than cure them.



Editor’s note: Tynwald didn’t vote against retaining the services of Miss Hamo specifically. It backed a proposal to have a full-time general surgeon (who would deal with breast cancer) rather than a part-time breast cancer specialist, a role Miss Hamo currently has.

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