Buses are rarely full

I BELIEVE the bendy buses are being considered due to their increased capacity, which, I understand, is 60 seated and 90 standing. My first question regarding this is: do we need buses to have greater capacity? Except for school runs, I can’t remember the last time I saw a bus that was anywhere near full.

So if they are being considered primarily for the school runs, are we happy that large numbers of children will have to stand for the duration of the journey?

A full bendy bus could have 90 children standing with bags on their backs or in the bus aisles and presumably some will not be tall enough to reach the grab straps.

Irrespective of fuel consumption, this is surely a bad idea.

There are many hazards to this as a plan and I can’t believe that parents would agree to their children being transported to and from school like this as it is most definitely an accident waiting to happen. I was pleased to hear the chief minister say that safety will come before savings; if this is the case then surely it is a non-starter.

As a footnote I also understand that some of our older buses have been bought by Blackpool Council and have been refurbished for £30,000 each and that they hope to get six years’ use out of each bus.

Isn’t it about time our government adopted more of a ‘make-do-and-mend’ approach as opposed to continually throwing money at perceived problems.




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