Cannell must desist from electioneering

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I READ with interest the letter in the Examiner, Tuesday, June 21, headlined ‘Breast cancer row just Cannell electioneering’.

Unlike the previous writer, I am lucky enough not to have suffered from cancer myself yet, but statistics show that one in four of us have relatives or friends who have and I certainly have experience of this.

I have attended and listened with interest to the various public meetings and gatherings where the matter of a breast care consultant has been discussed.

I have also, unlike, it would appear, Mrs Cannell, sought the opinion of qualified experts who work within the health services in the island.

The facts to me seem very simple. The new consultant will concentrate on breast care whilst at the same time being required to provide cover for EMERGENCY general surgery. This is common in most other areas of specialised care in the island.

I have heard nothing but good reports about the current consultant (Miss Hamo) and I understand that she would be welcome to apply for the post, although personally I wonder if it would involve a rather substantial pay cut to transfer from a locum position to a full time member of the team at Noble’s Hospital.

I, like [letter writer] Ms Cowin, believe that Mrs Cannell’s failure to understand or deliberate misunderstanding of the facts presented by the medical teams and the health minister is a disservice to the people that she claims to represent.

I sincerely believe that the appointment of a consultant as described will in no way detract from the service currently provided and that Mrs Cannell should now desist from this blatant and cynical electioneering.



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