Could Manx National Heritage take over transport museum?

With reference to your report in The Examiner under the headline ‘Future for museum’ regarding Jurby Transport Museum and the meeting last Tuesday.

It was apparent that whilst many of those attending were unhappy with the dismissal of Richard Davis from the board after all the work he put into getting the museum up and running, several were in fear of being told by the board to remove their vehicles.

Criticism was also levelled at the board for their secrecy over financial matters.

The board appeared to be a law unto itself, with the directors unaccountable to anybody and seemingly able to do whatever they like.

Given that they pay a ‘peppercorn’ rent to the DCCL for their premises, surely it is time for the DCCL to become more involved in the situation?

Could Manx National Heritage take over the running of the place so that it becomes a proper museum rather than a repository for individually owned vehicles stored there at the whim of the directors?

This would have the benefit of putting the museum on a professional footing, with the implementation of a much-needed collecting policy, and make the management of the facility properly accountable to all concerned.

David Newbery



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