Delighted to see trees cut

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I AM a keen walker and biker and regularly use the island’s plantations.

I am therefore delighted to see the felling of trees within many of the island’s plantations as I understand that DAFF [now the Department of the Environment, Food and Agriculture] consider these areas to be primarily of an amenity purpose.

There has been much recent correspondence in your columns regarding mountain bike and motorbike access to the hills and ‘man-made’ amenity land such as the forests with designated areas managed for these pursuits seems to be the ideal solution of providing demanding and testing routes for bikers whilst protecting the delicate upland ecosystem.

Whilst complimenting DAFF I must question why they have not removed the tree stumps clearly visible in the recently felled plantation to the east of the road opposite the South Barrule plantation.

Once the grass, bracken etc has grown back between the stumps, this will become a very dangerous area, totally unfit for any use.

Surely within every forest planting plan there must be funds set aside to cover the cost of staff and machinery to either remove the tree stumps or at least cut them down to a safe ground level.

Come on DAFF, please don’t prevent public access to our forests.


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