Did we rescue you in the 60s?

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MY wife and I have been regular visitors to the island for some 50 years and, now in our 70s, we would like to meet up if possible with three people whom we helped save their lives at sea.

We are not quite sure of the date but it would have been possibly in late August 1960 to 1963.

One Saturday night my wife and I were on the breakwater in Peel, the weather at the time was very misty and blowing a strong off shore wind.

We noticed three youngsters in the bay in a small type dinghy. At the time we did not pay much attention however sometime later the dinghy and youngsters disappeared out of sight.

There were one or two men fishing off the breakwater and enquired if they had spotted the dinghy and their answer was no.

We became very concerned with their safety and eventually plucked up the courage to use the phone and dial 999 explaining our concerns to the operator and would it be possible to send someone to the breakwater. At the time we dreaded the thought of a full turnout of the lifeboat.

A few minutes later a gentleman arrived dressed in a uniform and took up a position on top of the breakwater using his binoculars, eventually he said he could not see any signs of the dinghy. We explained we were 99 per cent certain the youngsters did not return to the harbour, with this he went to take a second look. We heard him say ‘the B fools’ he had spotted them when the mist lifted a little right out at sea.

He ran down the steps to what we believe was an Irish fishing boat. He asked the skipper if he would go out and rescue the youngsters. We asked if we could go on board to help as there was only one crew member available. Once out at sea it did not take long to spot the dinghy and after several attempts in the rough water we managed to pull them to safety into the trawler.

There were two lads and a girl all soaking wet, their faces were as white as ghosts and no doubt petrified with their ordeal.

On our return to the harbour a few people had assembled, obviously the tom toms had been to work. We thought we had done our good deed for the day and left the scene, and to this day we have never had a chance to meet them.

With the help of your newspaper maybe you could make it possible? They would be in their 60s now.


Baileys Beating,

Tamworth Road,

Lichfield, Staffs, WS14 9PS.

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