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I WONDER how many of your readers were disgusted as I was, that the Isle of Man Filipino Association are asking our government for money after the floods. This must not be allowed to happen. It’s not our problem and our taxes and revenue should be spend on the island, on the local Manx and British, not for this nonsense.

At times of financial recession, we need to gather our funds and use them in an appropriate manner.

All foreign aid donations must stop.

Money spent to the Philippines would be a waste and we would see not return. Immigration and foreign aid were problems in the UK elections and I hope any MHK who doesn’t speak out against this foolishness finds himself our of a job in four years’ time. It’s our money they give away and our local services who suffer.


Foreign aid could instead be challenged to give more pensions to the elderly, resources for our young people, a better rise for the local government workers like dinner ladies and janitors who serve our children, cleansing staff and those who maintain the very fibre of our Manx life. To ask them to accept low pay, no rises and then tax them only to give that money away to foreigners. No.

If the Filipinos want to do something then go down to the shopping streets and have a collection, they will then see how unwanted this idea is.

Better still, have the courage to go home to rebuild their country themselves, not stay here for a softer life and bring out the begging bowl expecting soft touch Britain and the Isle of Man to cover it?

It would be good if once they go, they stayed there. This would ease the burden they present on our public services, leave vacancies that Manx people could fill and bring further relief on the jobseekers market.

We have enough problems of our own on the island and our MHKs must work for us, the people who put them there. Solve our problems, spend the money on our own people, charity begins at home.



l Do you disagree? Are the Filipinos welcome hard-working additions to Manx society? Should we show compassion to our fellow human beings no matter where they live? Write to us to let us know your views.

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