Elton gig was far too loud

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I, FOR one, did not enjoy the Elton John concert.

The amount of hype about the traffic was ridiculous – it was far less busy than our rush-hour.

We were standing, we could not see and we could not hear as people around us were pushing in and talking.

At times there seemed to be some feedback on the amplifiers.

We left early and, on reflection, we would have had a much better time just sitting on the grass in Noble’s Park and listening from there.

We overheard one woman complaining that she had paid £100 for seats but she couldn’t see anything either.

I have been to several concerts recently at various venues including the Villa and do not understand why the sound is so loud to the extent that it is just a noise and the singer cannot be heard.

I realise that the sound at a concert is not going to be quite the same as listening to a disc but I would like to be able to appreciate the music rather than being deafened.

I wonder if the organisers of music events think that loudness is what is expected but talking to others it seems that many feel the same as me. Loudness does not equal quality and enjoyment.

Frustrated music lover

and concert goer,

Name and address supplied,

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