Forces post delayed

LAST week I received some correspondence marked Return to Sender, addressee gone away.

Nothing unusual you might think but this was an e-bluey, usually delivered within 24 hours.

The e-bluey was sent on July 8, 2012, sent to our son serving in Afghanistan.

On July 16 an IED [improvised explosive device] was thrown over a wall of an Army compound within an Afghan Police compound.

The IED exploded beside him and he was knocked out and injured.

Because of the shock to his brain and hearing damage he had to wait before he could fly home.

There was no contact from his regiment’s welfare officer to say he had been injured.

On his return home it was obvious the shrapnel in his arm and leg were infected. So a trip to his local casualty followed.

The duty casualty officer at Norfolk and Norwich Hospital was a bit taken aback at a shrapnel wound, but thankfully the staff at the hospital and in particularly the plastic surgeon removed stones from his arm and kept him in hospital for two days with his arm elevated and on a drip.

We received the e-bluey at our home on Monday, October 29, via the post with the usual RTS note on the front as well as a Post Office sticker dated September 24, so has taken a month from that date to reach us and was unsealed.

However, what would have been the effect if our son had been fatally injured to receive this so long after the event?

Patricia Grahame,

Address supplied.


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