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COULD I please respond to an article in the Examiner dated June 14 headlined ‘Gay pride event’.

The Isle of Man is not having a ‘Gay Pride’. What is happening is what has happened for the last 20 years or more. A group of LGBT people are meeting at the Empress Hotel for a social night, so this is not by any means the first event of its kind.

Many of us can remember, I am sure, the events at Courts Bistro, The Mannin Hotel monthly disco and the old Guys and Dolls in Walpole Avenue. We also had many drag artists coming over to entertain us. A Gay Pride is really about coming out to your friends, family, employer and, of course, yourself.

It is about having a party with floats, street closure. It involves working with the police, council traders, etc. It takes time to organise. It took Blackpool many years to get one going. Do so only when we can have a carnival with all sections of the community getting involved, the streets closed off and everybody joining in – then we can say the Isle of Man is having a ‘Gay Pride’.

I only hope the event at the Empress in July will be well-supported, but many have tried in the past and struggled to make it work.


Name and address supplied.

l Editor’s note: The LGBT group, which described the ball as a ‘gay pride’ event, tell us that the event has been well-supported and that more than 100 people have booked tickets.

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