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Having both grown up in Bahrain, and witnessed first-hand the recent unrest there I, along with other Bahrainis and expats, am disgusted by the one-sided and inaccurate reporting by the media (and also Amnesty International) on the situation there.

Bahrain’s situation is complicated and should not be compared in any way to that of Syria, Egypt or Tunisia.

It is well known that outside ‘influences’ almost certainly corrupted the initial ‘peaceful’ demonstrations which turned into disruption of business, vigilante-type attacks on citizens and a general threat to the public. Bahrain has to walk a very fine line in keeping its population happy, yet maintaining security.

There is always two sides to every story and anyone wishing to find out the other side of Bahrain’s story would do well to take a look at the following website blog (by a Bahraini – in answer to Amnesty International’s reporting)

This side shows how the ‘renagade’ protesters, in fact, took over the Salmaniya Hospital, preventing normal practice, and were joined by doctors/nurses who were sympathisers. Hence the arrest of some doctors by the government.

To call Bahrain a ‘despotic’ country – is both outrageous and ignorant of the facts.

In future, I suggest that Mr Moffatt stick to local politics, or at least, ensure that he is fully informed before making such allegations.


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