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THROUGH your paper may I say to young Dan Raine ‘well done and good luck lad’?

As a grandmum of an 18-year-old lad who is desperate to find a job I find the ignorance and bad manners of some businesses beggars belief. They don’t acknowledge applications – yes, I know postage has gone up but it works both ways. A quick phone call would suffice.

My grandson had two interviews two weeks ago, both of them said they would arrange an induction type day to see if he would like the work and could cope. One he has not heard from since and the other made a date only for my grandson to turn up at the said date and time to be told ‘oh didn’t you get my text/e-mail? I took someone on already.’ He’d been in Dublin.

He wants work, preferably to learn a trade. He attended a course at college to teach basic engineering skills. What a waste of effort. He made good grades, useless in some cases as it’s a matter of who, not what you know to get you an apprenticeship in one of the few engineering factories left in the island.

Could someone please explain why a job for a trainee position asks for x amount of years’ experience? Or why most vacancies seem to require a full driving licence? He has a car but can’t afford lessons or insurance and tax so it sits on my drive.

So please prospective employers, give youth a chance.



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