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I am writing to highlight an issue regarding the non-availability of certain government jobs as advertised on the website.

The jobs I refer to are annotated on the relevant adverts as ‘INTERNAL ONLY’.

This means that these particular jobs are only available for Government workers to apply for. In other words the wider public are excluded from applying for these jobs which includes people like me who are currently claiming Job Seekers’ Allowance.

A number of jobs have been and are on the website marked as ‘INTERNAL ONLY’ which I’d really like to go for but I am for whatever reason not allowed to do so.

So, we have a situation where the government who want to encourage people like me to come off Job Seekers’ Allowance actually restricting the jobs which we can go for, thus limiting our opportunities to come off the benefits they want us to come off! And to me, this just doesn’t make sense and in fact borders on being discriminatory and unfair on the wider (and in some cases more skilled) public.

A job recently advertised on the website caught my eye. The words ‘INTERNAL ONLY’ unfortunately caught my eye even more so I was almost immediately put off.

However, underterred, I contacted the department’s named person on the advert to see if there was any way of opening up the job to the wider public, thus giving me and countless others I’m sure, the chance to go for this position.

The person in question was very sympathetic to my plea, understood that it must be hard for people like me who are on JSA and would love to go for this job, but because it’s ‘INTERNAL ONLY’ were unable to apply.

When I asked for a specific reason why this was the case, short of saying ‘Computer Says No’ he pointed me in the direction of HR who’d be able to hopefully shed more light.

Upon being put through to the manager of the HR department I was told these jobs are for government workers only, however if there were no suitable candidates they’d then go to the wider public and open the job up externally (this made me feel a little bit like a second rate footballer who was left on the ‘subs bench’ and told that if the striker doesn’t score by the 92nd minute – then let on the pitch for a little kick around to see how I get on, but there’s no way I’d be starting the match!).

And one of the reasons given was that it could be put down to possible cut backs within the government so they didn’t want to advertise this particular job externally (why this and not all the others as well then?) and also there were possibly government workers who were eligible for a ‘sideways step’ within the sector.

At this point I felt a little bit like saying ‘You’ve already got someone lined up for it haven’t you?’, but refrained from such a controversial outburst. Instead I asked who it was who made the decision for this particular job to be advertised as ‘INTERNAL ONLY’. I was told to speak with the department’s named contact on the job advert!

After speaking to the advert’s named contact again I was advised that, in order to escalate this further, it might be best going to my local MHK. So I have also emailed my local MHK highlighting this issue and hope (much to the opposite opinion of my friends who I’ve spoken to about this) that something will be done about these seemingly exclusive government jobs. The job I wanted to go for has a minimum requirement of five GCSEs at grade C. Why, oh why, is there a government restriction on who can apply for this job and others like it?

I guess the reasons why I’m writing to the papers is firstly to highlight an area where I feel the government are being unfair and possibly discriminating against not only me, but countless others of the wider Isle of Man public who’d at least like to be given the good grace to go for a public service job which they feel drawn to and suited for. Instead, we are all falling at the first hurdle before the race has even begun. The second reason I’m writing to the papers is because I mentioned to my MHK that I would do so.


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