Great public spirit

On Saturday, there was a serious fire at Spectrum Apartments in Douglas which caused the evacuation of the entire building into the cold outdoors.

Most residents took refuge in the Empress Hotel next door; however, I opted to wait outside as I was awaiting the arrival of my fiancée.

Whilst walking towards the Palace Hotel to meet her, there was a young woman stood outside Empress Apartments.

She inquisitively asked if I knew what was going on. I explained there was a fire and that all the residents had been evacuated.

Without a second thought, she invited me into her home with the offer of a hot coffee. I politely declined and explained I was meeting someone. She then said if I needed, I was welcome to come back and take up the offer.

What a great demonstration of public-spirited thinking this is when a person will open their doors and offer refuge to a total stranger at a time of perceived crisis. I would like to thank you so much – you should be proud of yourself!

On the same subject, can I say what a fantastic job the emergency services did in dealing with the incident in such a professional manner and thanks also to The Empress Hotel for the way in which they welcomed the sudden influx of cold and weary people.

Mr S. Griffiths

Spectrum Resident


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