Greed of TT organisers

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I do not wish to take the gloss off the fantastic TT event. However, I am astonished by the greed of the event organisers.

Yesterday (Monday) whilst marshalling I witnessed the fact that corporate entertainment is now the priority. As confirmed by the clerk of the course. He had no choice but to send out the paying, or paid for, nobs in course cars before any race or practice following a delay. This because of a lucrative contract deal.

The result of this is that the marshals’ welfare is severely compromised, especially those in locations without facilities to acquire extra provisions, following delays. Also compromised is the riders’ welfare for whom we are there for as marshals. Stricken riders were left out on the course if they could not arrange their own recovery because there was not room in course cars to be picked up.

At my location we had to facilitate lifts back to the paddock for competitors by the generous watching public.

Many old hands that have marshalled for years and are the glue to the event taking place have said that this is the straw that breaks a long association.

I include myself in that as I will not turn out for next year if corporate rides are involved.

Peter Chadwick

Ballacraine marshal

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