Have any of the objectors read the application to extend bungalow?

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I HAVE just read an article in North News, regarding objections to a planning application for a bungalow in Barrule Park, Ramsey (Objection to bungalow’s tourist use, Examiner, October 25).

There are so many incorrect and misleading statements, that as a friend I feel we need some facts instead of innuendo and rumour.

Have any of the objectors read the planning application?

There is no plan to build a further bedroom, just an en-suite to an existing one, invisible from the road. The registration is for six people, hardly hordes and there is plenty of parking on the drive.

Delivery vehicles – that’s a joke. They shop locally for most of the supplies – how many people in the park use Tesco delivery? Don’t hear many objections there.

Can anyone show me a by-law prohibiting having a cup of tea outside your house on one of our rare sunny days.

The island needs more enterprising people like this.

If you were one of the objectors, don’t take my word, find out the facts.

P.S This is written without any communication with Nancy and Howard.


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l Editor’s note: Ramsey Commissioners opposed the application to extend the house – Cherrywood – on the grounds that it would be a commercial intrusion into a residential area.

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