Hedges impinge on narrow lanes

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I am aware of the cost-cutting measures practised by the highways board [Department of Infrastructure] in that the roadsides have not been trimmed. I believe they saved a princely sum of £32,000 last year.

The practice has allowed the wild flowers to blossom which has been a good thing but in some places the overgrowth of vegetation is impinging on the available road width, especially in narrow country lanes.

The impingement I am particularly concerned about, and wish to bring to the notice of the department the section of road by the Raggatt in the parish of Patrick, approaching Glenfaba Bridge, on the road from Glen Maye to Peel. The tall hedge has grown out over the roadway well over two metres.

I have observed that traffic preceding me, as I am driving on that section, has to veer at least two metres to the right on a dangerous corner. Buses may have to go out even further to avoid scratching their new vehicles. Who will be to blame if a serious road accident occurs at this juncture due to the cost-cutting practices of the highway board?

I think someone from that department should invest a little time and fuel miles in examining the lanes and noting the neglected hedges, but principally where the uncontrolled vegetation is narrowing road width and creating traffic hazards.

Please take the hedge-trimmers out of mothballs and put them to work.


Address supplied.

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