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I HAVE, today, read the open letter to our Chief Minister from Professor Hugh Davidson and can say that I agree with every word that was written in the letter.

Our MHKs, MLCs and Chief Minister seem to have no backbone when it comes to standing up against anybody who decides we are easy prey, whether it be our VAT agreement, reciprocal health agreement, tax transparency or anything else that any other country decides they don’t like the way we do things. All they seem to be concerned about is themselves, not the people who elected them. I believe our Chief Minister has decided to stand for the President of Tynwald as he must feel that with the level of unhappiness of the voters with the way the country is being run at the moment (or not being run as the case may be) that is the only way open to him to protect his handsome salary and pension and because I hope that, come September, the people of the Isle of Man stand up and be counted and tell the politicians we don’t like the way the country is being run and do a wholesale change. Nobody can do as bad a job as is being done at present.

I say we should stand up and be counted and say to other countries like UK and USA, hands off. We seem to be doing things right, as can be seen with our economy, unlike your own mass deficits and record unemployment. We are not a tax haven as, by my understanding, in a tax haven people hide money and pay no tax. We have reciprocal agreements with so many countries to do tax transparency.

Maybe it is time now to consider full independence. Why would anybody want to be associated with such a bullying country who thinks more of other nations than a country which has been a crown dependency for so many years.


Address withheld

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