I wish we had Manx buses

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MY husband and I recently spent a very pleasant week on your isle. One very noticeable thing that made our holiday so great were the excellent public transport facilities (we were without a car, having flown in from London City Airport).

It was refreshing to catch clean, new buses from well-signposted stops (most with shelters), to travel after 6.45pm, to travel on a Sunday, and to have the option of night buses (plus of course the additional services offered by the horse trams, electric trams, steam railway and mountain railway).

Having returned home and read of yet further cuts to our already depleted bus service, I felt I should write to encourage all Manx residents (and tourists) to make full use of such a wonderful service.

We attended a lecture whilst staying in Douglas and met a disgruntled Manx resident who, unfortunately, had little to say in favour of your isle. However, when he broached the subject of the poor state of the Manx public transport, I could sit quiet for no longer.

I daily use the Suffolk/Cambridgeshire bus services – services which have been heavily cut, not due to lack of usage, but due to poor management, bad planning, and lack of consultation with bus users, and also because an obscene amount of public funds has been spent on a guided busway (which serves a minority of bus passengers, and does little to rectify the poor transport systems in Cambridge and the surrounding area).

Can I therefore please urge everyone to get out and make use of their excellent services, and be thankful that the Manx travelling public is being so well served? If you disagree, I am only too happy to swap my expensive, limited, dirty, unreliable, daily bus journey to work.


Newmarket, Suffolk

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