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I now see in the Courier that Mr Anderson [Minister for Health] is under the illusion that when new patients register they have to show ‘more than just a work permit’ to show evidence that they are living here as a permanent resident to get on to a GP list.

I am not sure where he obtained this information, but up to fairly recently a new patient did not have to provide any evidence of residency at all, other than fill in a form showing an Isle of Man address. Recently we have introduced asking to see a passport or current photographic ID but this in itself does not prove residency, just identity, certainly work permits have never been asked for.

No checks are made on the provided Isle of Man address, and there is no follow up on the passport by the health services department, a copy is just kept on file.

In due course, after registering, the non-UK resident is provided, by the health service, an NHS number, which means not only can they access our health service, but they can also now move over to UK and access all benefits an Isle of Man resident would be entitled to.

We are acting as a back door entrance to the UK as well as putting a lot of pressure on our existing health service.

Val Chase,



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