In name of profit, greed

Copy of a letter to the Agriculture Minister Phil Gawne MHK

Firstly I would like to heap praise on you regarding the closure of the [fishing] area from Scarlett to Spanish Head. I understand the difficult task you have faced with this and you are to be congratulated.

However, I wish to see closure from Langness to The Calf as soon as possible as it is abundantly clear that great damage has been and continues to be done by dredging as shown by Channel 4.

Now people on this island are aware of what is being done in the name of profit and greed. Scallopers need to understand it is not their God-given right to ruin what belongs to the whole nation.

It was made plain in the film that the closed area in Port Erin bay has been closed for more than 20 years –that is how long it takes to regenerate the seabed. Drastic measures need to be put in place. The product is really a luxury item and as such a sustainable way of fishing such as diving is possible – the market will, I believe, stand the added costs. The fishermen need to be educated as there is no future for the next generation of seafarers if we continue to dredge.

I urge you, while there is momentum driven by Channel 4’s Fish Fighters, to accelerate your plan of coastal protection – seize the day!

Judy Lockyer,

Port St Mary.


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