Isle of Man Examiner letters, June 30, 2015

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Dislike the TT? Leave the island

I have the Examiner each week and read the letter pages and feel I must reply to Mr Moffatt’s letter in your June 9 issue, regarding taking the TT death toll for granted.

He does not understand, when the time comes for a person to leave this earth, there is nothing they can do about it.

Some people choose to climb mountains and die doing so, others do potholing and die. Every sport has its dangers.

Surely, it is better to die doing what one enjoys rather than die in bed with cancer.

My late husband, Robert, enjoyed his motorcycling so much that as soon as he came to our beloved Isle of Man for the TT in 1957, he got involved as a mechanic for sidecar crews. He went on to enjoy 15 years as a mechanic and won the first mechanic’s award, of which he was very proud.

When our last crew hung up their leathers, both he and I became marshals.

Robert did 12 years before his untimely death with cancer and I carried on for 26 years and would not have missed any of it.

All that stopped me from marshalling was age and health.

Robert always said he would rather be scooped up into a bag than die in bed with cancer.

Unfortunately, he had no choice but suffered for six years knowing he was dying of cancer. I know which I would have chosen for him.

Riders are not forced to take part in the races. They know what they are doing and know what can happen when taking part in a race and their number comes up.

One must be allowed to experience life.

How often do we hear of a young person dying from cancer or heart problem before the have had time to live?

I hope this wonderful sport continues and thank the lovely Manx people for allowing us to enjoy their beautiful island and the racing.

I assume Mr Moffatt is not Manx and does not understand the sport.

I suggest in future, as he dislikes the TT, he takes his holiday or moves away from the wonderful Isle of Man.

Having attended more than 50 TT and MGP meetings I can’t wait to get back o the island I love.

Yvonne Smith, Kelvedon, Essex.


Manx Gas needs to be transparent

Recently, Manx Gas (MG) presented a bill of £84. I pay by direct debit. My account shows a credit balance of £116.

Three or four years ago, when a new pipeline and fresh gas source were installed, MG touted that a fresh supply would offer a higher calorific value.

As a consequence, consumers could expect their bills to drop by 40 per cent they said.

Over the next few weeks three price increases were imposed.

There have been one or two more since.

During the past winter the calorific value of the supply fell away, was poor for a while. Morerecently it has improved.

Manx Gas is a monopoly under the aegis of government. A consumer has no alternative.

Recently, government announced that MG has accepted a form of price control. It is hoped that regulation will prove consumer-friendly.

At this year’s TT, Manx Gas sponsored at least one event, and visitors around the course sported badged T-shirts and carried badged rucksacks.

As a monopoly, MG has no need to raise its profile. Surplus funds should revert to customers.

It would be helpful if MG were to state, publicly, its ethic, its policies and its finances.

Is there a government watchdog able and willing to prod them into doing so?

How does the balance sheet look? Is MG operating on funds furnished by customers? A public entity, MG surely owes us that much.

Ramsey resident, Name and address supplied.


Island’s people made TT for us

On behalf of myself, my son and my dad, I would like to extend a note of gratitude to the fine people of the Isle of Man.

We attended our first TT and were simply overwhelmed by the beauty of the isle and generosity and concern of your people extended to us during our stay.

For example, the staff at Chesterhouse and a young lady staff member of the Steam Train named Donna, who took it upon herself to drive us on her own time to The Calf.

Also, a fine gentleman we met on the way to Port Erin named Bill Bates and chef David at the Snaefell Mountain cafe and everyone else that made our trip so memorable.

While our main focus was to see the TT itself, we felt the true highlight of our experience was simply sightseeing and interacting with your fine inhabitants.

We attend many motorcycle events here in the States, but the embrace that the locals seem to have for this event makes yours truly remarkable.

We will return more quickly to the TT because of this.

From three generations, we want to thank you for a great time, and look forward to our next trip.

Michael, Phillip and Terry Taylor, Hagerstown, Williamsport MD, Denver, CO,USA.


Why was top job not advertised?

I haven’t been on holiday.

I still got all the local papers as usual.

I haven’t been asleep for longer than normal.

So how did I miss the advert for the new chief executive officer of the Department of Health and Social Care suddenly reported as appointed in the Courier (June 26)?

Surely it’s bypassed me some other way and Malcolm Couch wouldn’t take a job given to him and not on his own merit, which is disrespectful to the person good enough to act up but not to be given the chance to go for it with others?

I Googled democracy and it stated ‘elected representatives’ etc.

I then Googled ‘appointed’ and the first meaning came up as ‘decided on beforehand, designated, prearranged’.

What should I have Googled to bring up fair and equitable?

Name and address supplied


Pair of peahens are a nuisance

Our garden backs on to the tree line near Ramsey Hairpin.

For the last week we have had two peahens parading round the garden for most of the day!

I cannot believe these are ‘wild’ but think they may have flown from some estate in the north of the island.

They are becoming a nuisance to ourselves and also to our elderly neighbours.

I have left our name and telephone number with Ramsey Commissioners’ office, Ramsey police station and ManxSPCA in the hope that the owner of the birds might contact one of them, but no luck.

Perhaps a ‘note’ in the paper would result in these big, and presumably valuable, birds being returned to their rightful home.

Thanks in anticipation,

T and L Simpson, 61 Claughbane Drive, Ramsey.

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